How we got here... 

 Meek, bRittany, and mahar

Meek, bRittany, and mahar

We're a couple of professional counselors who specialize in working with kids from hard places. So how in the world did we get to Redirected Wood Company? 

Well, it really begins with our faith in Jesus Christ and the way he has revolutionized our lives. We love because He first loved us and that love of people took us to pursue our counseling profession. Once there, we were faced head-on with the enormous need of well-equipped families for orphans and children in foster care, and specialized therapy for these kids and families who have experienced trauma.

We like to come up with plans, and God likes showing us how His plan is better. In April 2014, this lesson finally began to sink in. The Lord had been moving in our hearts for a while about this need to support children from hard places and the families that open their hearts and homes to them. At the Northeast Adoption Summit in Lancaster, PA God made clear that He was calling us to open our home as well. Our path was Redirected.

About a month later we began the process to adopt an 12 yr old (now 13) boy from Ethiopia (updates in the blog).

...Why we do what we do.

You may have heard that international adoption, and adoption in general, is expensive. And it is. There are a bunch of social workers and government employees that work very hard to verify that a child is legally an orphan, a family is a prepared, and all the necessary paperwork to make that child a citizen and part of the family is completed properly. Well, we both work for non-profit ministries and it would have taken 50% of our combined salary to get this process done. But God put us on this path, and if you feel God leading you to adopt don't let the money stand in your way. We began applying for grants and scholarships and searching the internet for fundraising ideas. Every time we've had an adoption related bill due, we've had within $10 of the amount needed. It wasn't always easy, and the Lord is faithful.  Then Brittany started painting signs and Meek started building some furniture.

We decided to hold a silent auction as a fundraiser and the support was incredible (Check out the blog for pictures!). After that people kept asking us to build more furniture and make more home decor. So we kept building and raising money for our adoption. 

As we plan for the future we hope to have some babies that share our nose or eyes, adopt some more that don't, and foster some kids too. We kinda figure that it's going to be real hard to work with kids from hard places 40+ hours a week and then come home and be able to parent kids from hard places and be able to pour into them everything they need. So in July 2015 we started Redirected Wood Company to see how it grows. We're hoping that this can provide the financial stability and the flexibility we'll need to bring kids into our lives that need a safe loving home. God has redirected our lives. We don't know exactly where this path leads, or what bumps we'll encounter along the way. But He has told us to follow Him, and we're doing our best each day to obey and follow in faith.