It's Been a While...

Well it sure has been a while since we shared an update on our process. And it’s been pretty quiet since we submitted our Dossier in March. Since then we’ve been doing our best impression of patiently waiting. There is a process in Ethiopia called PAIR which is basically where they gather all of the documentation to show that a child is legally free for adoption. We’ve been given some timelines on when this should be completed, but as we’ve learned with this process so far, timelines do not seem to mean much. 

God has been very gracious with us in the waiting. We have felt a lot of peace in trusting His timing and have been able to use the time to prepare our hearts and home to welcome our young man here. We get an update every couple of months with a report, pictures, and usually a video or two. Our boy is doing well. It’s hard to see him grow up while he’s still over there! We can’t thank everyone enough for the prayers, check-ins, and generosity we have received up to this point. Thank you for praying, thank you for asking how things are going even when we don’t have something exciting to share and thank you for generously sharing your time, money or other resources in helping us through this process.

With this update we do have something exciting to share!! The Ethiopian courts are currently closed until the end of September. This is normal, and I’ve heard it’s because of the rainy season, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, we found out last week, that our boy’s first court date is scheduled for October 27th!!! This is a huge part of the process and was completely unexpected at this time. Here’s what it means: We’re not traveling yet. This court date is just for the workers there and our boy to appear in court and demonstrate to the court that he is legally free to be adopted. As far as we know, he still does not know that we are adopting him, so we’re obviously getting close to him finding out. We can then send him pictures and letters and let him know how much he’s already loved! We do have an estimated timeline for after this court date, but like I said, timelines don’t mean a whole lot. We could travel to Ethiopia anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after this court date. It looks like it could be either Thanksgiving or Christmas in Ethiopia!! 

Please pray for this process to go smoothly. Pray for the PAIR process to completed soon. Pray that our boy can know that he is loved, and valuable, and precious. Most of all pray for God’s A plan, and pray for us to be ok with it. We want God’s best even if it’s hard or uncomfortable for us. Pray for endurance, grace, mercy, and wisdom for us. 


I want to give a financial update as well. To this point we have been able to raise the funds for all of our expenses to date!! This has been such a great testament to our belief that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. So many people have helped us hit our goal financially and we are so grateful for each of you. The only expense (as far as we know) that we have left will be are travel to and from Ethiopia. We’re estimating this cost to be between $5000-$6000 dollars. We have a few more grants to apply for and we’re confident that God will continue to provide. If you would like to make a contribution towards our travel you can do so through our Lifesong account. Information on how to give a tax deductible contribution can be found on our support page by clicking the support link above.

One final life update. We’re excited to announce that we have filed paperwork and formed our own reclaimed wood furniture business!! Redirected Wood Company. This website will soon be redesigned for this new venture to display some of our work and to sell some furniture and decor. This is another great way you can support us, hire us to build some furniture or some rustic vintage decor. Stay tuned for lots more to come from RWC!