Silent Auction Adoption Fundraiser!

We are getting VERY excited about our largest fundraiser yet!  It is our Silent Auction Backyard BBQ! This fundraiser has the potential to be absolutely fantastic, but we need your help to make it top notch.

We have friends who have graciously allowed us to use their beautiful backyard that will be decked out with gorgeous lights and decor and the smell of delicious BBQ to greet you as you arrive.  There will be tables filled with goodies that you can bid on…. we’re planning an array of items from themed gift baskets, gift cards, hand-made repurposed furniture and decor, etc.  We’re talking LOTS OF ITEMS here folks.  Lots of really unique, cool stuff.  

Here’s where you can help! After reading our vision, are there any areas that you have a skill or resource that could fit in to help make our vision a reality? Here’s some ideas of what we need:

-Do you have a skill, talent or area of expertise that you could “donate” for our auction (i.e. an hour of free service, mechanic, photography, seamstress, etc).

-Do you love to bake or make desserts? We have the food covered but would love to have some tasty treats after our scrumptious dinner!

-Do you have a knack for entertaining? Are you a comedian, musician, M.C., etc…. maybe you’re not that up front performer, but do you know someone who is?

-Do you have a talent  or resource that you could put to use and contribute something to our silent auction (i.e. a gift card, create something crafty, sew something fantastic, etc).

-Do you like to be behind the scenes and serve!? We will need hands and helpers to keep the food prepped and on people’s plates, set up and tear down for the evening.


MOST IMPORTANTLY. what we really need is your network.  In order for this even to be a success, we need PEOPLE to BE THERE enjoying themselves! We are looking for 20 people to commit to not only coming but inviting their friends! We're hoping to have around 150 people stop by. Can you help us spread the word by personally inviting some of your friends and family to a fun filled night of family-friendly activities, good food, fun items to purchase and new people to meet?  You’re friends don’t know us?! That’s okay, we’d love to meet them!


Date: October 11th Time: 6:30-9:00 (Auction will run from 6:30-8. 8-9 will be announcing winners, collecting payment, lingering by the fire and picking up items).

Location: 6301 Joshua Road, Ft Washington, PA 19034.

Cost: We're asking for a donation of $20 per plate (mostly we're just glad to have you come so pay what you can!). We're expecting items to sell anywhere from $25-$500.

Keep checking back for sneak peeks at some of the really cool auction pieces we will be featuring!