Yes, No, Maybe So.....

Thursday morning 9am:  We get a call from our worker letting us know that Little Man went to court and testified he wanted to be adopted (again) and they received and approved all the paperwork they had wanted. We are just waiting on a court date and the judge said he needed to clear some room in his schedule but had scheduled cases earlier that week for the end of June.  Our worker cautiously explained how things were still uncertain and how there was a chance that we could go and adopt him and still not be able to bring him home.  “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel” she said soberly.  

We decided that no matter what, we would keep taking steps towards bringing him home, so if we got a court date, we would go and adopt him, even if that meant we had to leave without him and come home and wait a LONG time before he could join us here.

Friday morning 9am: we get a call from our worker saying we have a court date for MAY 30th! An hour later she tells us we need to be in country no later then Thursday. After looking at flight options, we will be leaving for Ethiopia on TUESDAY. Like in 3 days.  

This adoption stuff is quite literally, mind boggling. 


Yes, no, wait. Hurry up, no, wait. Yes, maybe, uh, hmmm, nah, maybe, nope. and then finally a yes, with a big MAYBE on the end.  

Now, for all the questions we don’t have answers to.

We bought one way tickets because we don’t know when we will be coming back. 

At this point we will meet Little Man and get to spend some time with him, but he will not be leaving the orphanage to come and stay with us in country.

When we go to court on the 30th, we will become Little Man's legal parents, making him a McCallister! 

As of right now, unless things start moving again, we will be coming home without Little Man and waiting indefinitely until things start to move again. SO PLEASE PRAY that while we are there, the suspension of adoptions gets lifted and we can just stay and bring Little Man home! There are over 20 families who have legally adopted their children and can not bring them home because of this suspension of adoptions in Ethiopia. There are many many more who are matched with a child and stuck somewhere in the process because of this suspension. Please pray for those in leadership on the U.S. side and in Ethiopia, that they will use their positions wisely to help these precious kids be united with their forever families. 

Taking this next step by faith....