The Words We've Been Waiting to Hear

April 26, 2014- we saw this precious little face with the biggest smile that would melt your heart.  Within an hour of seeing his face we were having a discussion about whether or not we were supposed to pursue bringing this little guy into our family.  Within days we decided YES.


Fast forward through many ups and down, highs and lows…


March 27, 2017- we get the call from our worker saying we have FINALLY been approved.  We have received our last and final approval and now are waiting on a court date. Right now they are expecting us to travel early to mid May.  We are still waiting to see what happens with his test results on April 28th. If anything comes back positive he will have to stay in country for treatment for 10 weeks which means we will go over twice. Once for our court hearing to adopt him and then come home while he gets treated and then go back to do his citizenship and bring him home.  If everything comes back fine with his test then we will mostly likely do one trip and be in country about 4 weeks!

We are sending a photo book and a letter and they will tell him about us when they get those and then we can start sending letters back and forth. 

We are so excited! We are overwhelmed. We are grateful and humbled that God continues to move us down this path of many unknowns.  In many ways it feels surreal. God has been good to us throughout this entire journey. God was just as good when things were hard and delayed as He is now with this wonderful news. Part of our journey is coming to an end and an even bigger part is just beginning. We’re looking forward to all that God has in store for us!!