Finally... an exciting update!

We finally have an exciting update to share! One of the longest waiting cases in Ethiopia has moved forward which now makes us the longest waiting case of our agency’s Ethiopia families! This is good news because it shows that the process is moving on some of these cases and ours should be the next priority. The team in Ethiopia actually felt confident enough to give us an estimated time frame, something we haven’t had in over a year and half. There’s a realistic possibility that we could have our final approval by April, and travel shortly after!

Right now, our prayer is that they will indeed review our case soon and give us a positive recommendation (aka final approval).  This will be the third time they have reviewed our case and we are hoping that they are satisfied with the extra paperwork they have asked for.  Little Man also has to have some tests done and they will be completed by the end April as well. We’re also praying that those results come back negative so that he does not have to stay in country for any treatments, which potentially could delay us bringing him home. 

Depending on when we get approved and when Little Man’s results come back, there are a couple ways our travel plans could work out.  If we get the approval in the time frame we hope, and Little Man’s test results come back negative we could travel to do our court date and legally adopt him and have our Embassy appointment for citizenship in one trip. That would be about a 4 week trip max. If the timing doesn’t work out like we hope, we may then do one trip for court, come back home and wait until things are ready for the embassy appointment, and make another short trip to bring Little Man home. We’re hoping to be able to make one trip and spend more time in country with little man. Both options have hard pieces to them so pray that the Lord would work out those details!  

Many people have asked, does he know about us yet.  The answer is still no.  Because our timeline keeps getting pushed back, they have decided to wait until we get our final approval.  Pray for him, that God would be preparing his heart and mind, as he will have little time to process through the news of a family and moving to an unfamiliar place and leaving all he's ever known.

Lastly, we usually get updates of him every two months with pictures and sometimes videos.  He enjoys drawing and is really quite good! They will sometimes send us photos of his drawings. In our most recent update, there was a video of him painting furniture and a photo of many of his drawings, including one where he drew different pieces of furniture!!!  

We appreciate your love, prayers and support! Thank you friends!!!