Fall Update

Well we've been enjoying an indian summer up here in Philadelphia. We've also continued the roller coaster that is the adoption journey. Up, down, fast, slow, what was that?! We're learning so many lessons along the way. Learning to trust, learning more patience, and learning just how much we can love our little man before we meet him. 

A family we know recently went to Ethiopia to pick up their son and bring him home. In one of her updates during their time there she said, “Flexibility is key.” We’re learning that this is not only true when in country, but also throughout the entire process of adopting.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  Just as we think one thing is happening, it changes.  We had hoped to travel by the end of the year, but now we are looking at sometime between March and May. There are a lot of nuances and pieces to the puzzle that quite frankly we don’t fully understand ourselves. But here’s the highly condensed version:

Little man had a court date the last week in October where a judge reviewed his case. Little man was summoned to court to testify if he wanted to be adopted. This is not common that a child is summoned to go, but we learned that there was a new judge so things were a little different than normal. Little man knows that he has a family wanting to adopt him, but he doesn’t know about us specifically. This is very hard and initially confusing, but because our timeline keeps changing and getting delayed they are waiting to tell him about us until we have received all of our approvals and get a court date to adopt him (this would be the court date we travel for). 

So what happened at court? We don’t know much but we do know that his case was approved and we received a federal decision date for Dec. 2. This means that all of our paperwork has to be submitted in the next two weeks in order to be reviewed in time for a determination to be made on December 2nd.  We needed regional approval prior to this and received it just in time! So we're still on track for Federal approval at the beginning of December.

There is also an approval process that is happening simultaneously here in the US.  This process takes 8-10 weeks. 

So in a conclusive nutshell:

There are 2 more government processes/approvals that have to occur before we can get our court date where we will travel to get Little Man. There are a lot of details in each of these processes that all need to occur in a specific timeline. There are a bunch of things that can happen along the way to delay our process. All of it is completely out of our control. And in it all, we continue to trust The One Who set us on this path.